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Space Ice - Magenta Mist - Ice Storm Ring (Silver)

Space Ice - Magenta Mist - Ice Storm Ring (Silver)

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DATE. 22/03/23. Space Ice - Magenta Mist - Ice Storm Ring (Silver)
- A flame lighted in the cold white valley. -
The mysterious ice valley floating in the boundless universe passed by a massive red nebula during its orbital revolution. The magenta mist glimmered on the pure white valley and lighted the valley like a flame in the cold winter.

52792311765_b45a7928c2_c_d52880824544_29cfc8d0f1_k_d52880825244_2035b8bdc1_k_d52881111563_52ad30429f_k_d52880087787_387cae097c_k_d52881042365_ea0d510c8b_k_d52771673046_eb5acd4e70_c_d52771930214_d4f4d5d8c7_c_d52771673086_7997402356_c_d52771673066_48b274ee90_c_d52772088820_0550df3c8c_c_d/ PRODUCT DETAILS
- Material:925 silver, Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz)
- Size:#3~#15
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