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Space Ice - Magenta Mist - Iceberg Herkimer Diamond Necklace (Silver)

Space Ice - Magenta Mist - Iceberg Herkimer Diamond Necklace (Silver)

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DATE. 22/03/23. Space Ice - Magenta Mist - Iceberg Herkimer Diamond Necklace (Silver)
- A flame lighted in the cold white valley. -
The mysterious ice valley floating in the boundless universe passed by a massive red nebula during its orbital revolution. The magenta mist glimmered on the pure white valley and lighted the valley like a flame in the cold winter.


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- Material: 925 Silver, Herkimer Diamonds (Quartz)
- Pendant Size:1.5*2.5cm
- Length:45cm(Adjustable
- For our environment, we will pack your orders in one big box. If you need independent packaging, please leave us a message.
- Please leave us a message if you need a gift bag or card. Please let us know the content if you need us to write the card for you.


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